Harbour Towne Marina Standards of Conduct and Safety

The following are standards of conduct and safety for Harbour Towne Marina and apply to all co-owners, guests, seasonal lessees and transient boaters.

Standards of Conduct: In addition to the following, parties must comply with all posted signs and Instructions.

  1. Slip owner/slip leases, guest and pets shall not make nor permit any disturbing noises within the
    Marina that will interfere with the rights or comfort of other boaters. Quiet hours are to be observed from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  2. Engines are not to be idled for excessive periods of time within the Marina. Sailors are expected to tie off all halyards in such fashion so as to eliminate slapping and clanging.
  3. Slip owner/slip lessees and guests are not to feed sea gulls or other birds within the Marina.
  4. Dock areas are to be kept neat in appearance and no alterations to the docks may be made without board approval.
  5. All boats are to be kept neat in appearance and no major reconstruction shall be permitted.
  6. “For Sale” signs, names or other graphics are not permitted in the Marina common elements, pilings,
    dock boxes, etc. Small signs are permitted on boats with the Harbormaster’s approval.
  7. Guests are required to abide by all Marina rules and condominium documents.
  8. Indoor household pets are permitted in the general and unit common elements under the following conditions:
    • All pets shall be kept under full control at all times and may not be left unattended in the general common areas.
    • All pets will be kept on a leash at all times.
    • Pets are not permitted in the bathrooms.
    • Pets are to be curbed in the designated pet walk areas located at the extreme west end and east ends of the Marina.
  9. Parking:
    • Parking is limited to two cars per slip. Guests of slip owners/lessees are asked to park in the designated area.
    • No vehicle may occupy more than one parking slot.
    • Slip owner/slip lessees wishing to park trailers seasonally must obtain a permit from the Harbormaster and park in the designated areas. Permission for short term parking of trailers must be obtained from the Harbormaster.
  10. Cleaning fish is permitted only at the fish cleaning station. Only co-owners and slip lessees are permitted to use the fish cleaning station and must clean up the area when finished. Fish remains may not be placed in the dumpster.
  11. All refuse, trash and garbage, except oil , fuel and fish remains, must be disposed of in the dumpster located in the co-owner/lessee vicinity.
  12. All liquids, including oil, fuel etc. must be disposed of in a proper manner and not placed in the dumpster.
  13. Personal items may not be left unattended in the picnic areas and may be confiscated by the

Safety: In addition to the following rules, all posted instructions/signs must be complied with.

  1. Slips shall not be occupied by more than one boat, unless the second boat, including dinghies, prams or Jet skis, belong to the slip owner/slip lessee and does not exceed the 10% rule.
  2. No boat or boats occupying a slip shall overlap the slip in excess of 10% of the slip’s length: i.e.:30 ft slip – 3 feet, 40 ft slip – 4 ft.
  3. All boats shall be moored in the slips in a safe manner.
  4. No boat shall be operated so as to cause a wake at Harbour Towne Marina.
  5. Sidewalks, docks or other walkways shall not be obstructed in any manner, including overhangs from bow pulpits, anchors, etc. and free access to and from the boats must be maintained at all times. All lines will be placed so they do not present a trip hazard or obstruction.
  6. Roller skating/blading, skateboarding, cycling (except Marina staff) is not permitted on sidewalks, docks or other walkways.
  7. There will be no swimming or diving within the Marina due to the real risk of electrical shock drowning.
  8. Fireworks are not permitted within the Marina.
  9. Any grilling must be done in the designated areas and not on the docks or boats.
  10. There will be no storage of any materials on the dock or common areas except within the standard dock boxes.
  11. No camping or overnight stays in vehicles or recreational vehicles is permitted within the Marina
  12. Except for dinghies, all fueling in the Marina must take place at the fuel dock. Holding tanks and porta potties may be emptied only at the fuel dock.
  13. All boats must display the Marina’s registration decal and in such a fashion as to be visible from the finger docks.
  14. All transient boats must display a temporary registration certificate which is visible from the dock.

If you would like a digital copy of the Harbour Towne Marina Association By-Laws, simply send Melissa a request via email at melissa@realico.com. Please be sure to include your slip information, thank you.